prayer when you wake up

[Praise is to The God Who gives us life after He has caused us to die & to Him is the return.]

[There is no god but The God, Who has no partner, His is the dominion & to Him belongs all praise, & He is able to do all things. 

Glory is to The God. 

Praise is to The God. 

There is no god but The God. 

The God is The Most Great. 

There is no might & no power except by The God’s leave, The Exalted, The Mighty. My Lord, forgive me.

(Whoever says this will be forgiven, & if he supplicates The God, his prayer will be answered; if he performs ablution & prays, his prayer will be accepted.)]

[(Indeed, in the creation of the heavens & the earth & the alternation of the night & the day are signs for those of understanding.

Who remember The God while standing or sitting or (lying) on their sides & give thought to the creation of the heavens & the earth, (saying), “Our Lord, You did not create this without purpose; exalted are You (above such a thing); then protect us from the punishment of the Fire.

Our Lord, indeed whoever You admit to the Fire – You have disgraced him, & for the wrongdoers there are no helpers.

Our Lord, indeed we have heard the caller, calling to faith, (saying), ‘Believe in your Lord,’ & we have believed. Our Lord, so forgive us our sins & remove from us our misdeeds & cause us to die with the righteous.

Our Lord, & grant us what You promised us through Your messengers & do not disgrace us on the Day of Resurrection. Indeed, You do not fail in (Your) promise.

And their Lord responded to them, “Never will I allow to be lost the good deeds of (any) of you, whether male or female; you are of one another. So those who emigrated or were evicted from their homes or were harmed in My Cause or fought or were killed – I will surely remove from them their misdeeds, & I will surely admit them to gardens beneath which rivers flow as reward from The God, & The God has with Him The Best reward.”

Be not deceived by the movement of the disbelievers (evil doers, who refuse to reform & death over took them in that state) throughout the land.

(It is but) a small enjoyment; then their (final) refuge is Hell, & wretched is the resting place.

But those who feared their Lord will have gardens beneath which rivers flow, abiding eternally therein, as accommodation from The God. And that which is with The God is Best for the righteous.

And indeed, among the people of the scripture are those who believe in The God (alone) & what was revealed to you & what was revealed to them, (being) humbly submissive to The God. They do not exchange the verses of The God for a small price. Those will have their reward with their Lord.

 Indeed, The God is swift in account. O you who have believed, persevere & endure & remain stationed & fear The God that you may be successful.)]

[(Qur’an Al-‘Imran 3: 190-200)]]

side note: one can pray any one of the above supplications or just 1, but one should remember The God when we wake up.