when is funny not funny anymore?

when is funny, not funny anymore?
when it happens to you or a family member or a close friend.

Muhammad said that if we knew what he knew we would laugh little & weep much.

The Holy Qur’an says that laughter hardens the heart.

we should try & help these people who are doing wrong, not find humor in it. it makes light of their actions.

Muhammad said to help your brother whether he is oppressed or oppressing. How you help him when he is the oppressor, is by stopping him from oppressing.

& things get over looked & we just tend to shake our heads at it & just laugh or smile. instead of calling the person/s out on what they are doing.

We find humor in what we should be weeping about, something that’s happening to a fellow human or an innocent animal.

comedians, when they are not careful & aware of what they say & about whom, are getting paid for the very thing we try to teach, don’t make fun of others, i.e. the beginning of bullying. when one finds pleasure  in mocking another, even seeking it out.

a list of things we find humor in, but shouldn’t:

suicide, “he/she/they are stupid, weak, crazy. if that was me, well,…” so, instead of feeling sorrow in our hearts for that person/s, that they were not strong enough, didn’t feel they had someone to turn too, saw no escape from the pain, didn’t realize the hurt they would be leaving behind on the ones who loved them, no  we mock, instead of helping, listening, encouraging them, that this is just a test, The God is with you, hang in there, i m hear for you, lets pray together, come stay with me/us tonight, etc. 

racism: as a muslm, black, woman, well, need i say more? other tragedies in our history are spoken about, but why is slavery, an unspoken word? we can even talk about it when it is in another country, but instead, we find humor in the atrocities of the hangings, post cards of the hangings, with the people standing around the body with smiles & pride of the catch of the day. do you know where the word “picnic” comes from? “pic a nigger” & that’s the end result of that “picnic” the post cards, that get mailed around. 

In finding laughter, we block out  the beheadings, (which it was not that long ago they dragged that man behind a truck till he was beheaded), the castrations, rapes, burning black people alive, hog tying a pregnant black woman, hanging her from a tree & cutting out her baby & stumping it to death, why are not these things images put in a museum, (for there are pictures), that is the “real” black history.

 we keep the saying now a days, “we will never forget” yes, lets never forgot any atrocities. Has anyone ever been sort out, like the man hunts we paid for in other countries? has that man hunt been done to search for the kkk members & their families? Skin heads & their family members? Those slave owners who are still living, cause it was not that long ago, & their family members? The police who abused blacks for marching peacefully? Like we so diligently go after others, whole army units, tanks,  hundreds of troops, ground & air, etc. after them & their family members & have no problem bombing them & what surrounded them. 

An atrocity is an atrocity, no mater who commits it & the perpetrators should be dealt with accordingly. Whomever they are.

yes, laughter helps hind the pain, shame & disgust, but what happens to things we hide? they tend to resurface & repeat themselves, in another form that is so hidden, we don’t recognize the signs of it. To where we blindly put it in office.

we are so busy, making fun of the one in pain, thinking they are crazy, or that its just a cry for attention, or its not that bad, or whatever we think or don’t think, cause we are to busy to see the signs. 

hurt is hurt. no matter what it is. no matter if you can’t understand why it hurts someone. its not you, none of us are the same & our abilities/inabilities, strengths/wraknesses, copping mechanisms differ. so even if you can’t help, you can. if nothing else, pray for them what you would want for yourself & that you never get tested with what they are being tested with, because that’s why its a test, because it is easy to talk a good game, but how many of us can & do, walk the talk? peace.