dinosaurs & pyramids

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what science can’t explain. 


The parts of “the 350 versions of the bibles of today that The Holy Qur’an confirms to be truth, yes. Science can’t explain the miracles. That’s why they are miracles. The God sent The Prophets/Messengers with things & abilities that none but they can perform, that was their proof that they were sent by Him. 

1. the parting of the sea

2. raising the dead

i.e. ” the miracles”

to my knowledge, when last checked, there is 1 thing that science nor anyone else, has yet to explain, & that is the pyramids. they can’t explain the last level, the top. “how did they build the top without equipment?” people, a while back, tried to copy the pyramids, & without using the modern day equipment, cause they wanted to see how it could have been done without such equipment in those days, they could not do the top. But as Jesus said, The One coming after him will guide you into all truth. The Qur’an & ahadith explains how the pyramids were built. The people were taller then. Adam was 60cubics tall, & ahadith states that man has been loosing stature ever since. Abraham, who was many, many years after Adam, was 30cubics in height. when Prophet Muhammad was taken on The Night Journey to the heavens, he saw & met with some of The Prophets/Messengers & described some of their features. He said when he met his father, because we are all descendants from Adam, he said he could not see the top of Prophet Abraham’s head, due to his height.

this also explains “dinosaurs” the bones they are finding are the animals of those generations. if they were taller, than the animals were bigger also. what makes more sense? that we are the size we are now, even with the tallest of us, which is about 7’7″, could hunt down & capture for food, an animal that is as big & dangerous as we have been taught to believe dinosaurs were, or that the people were taller, hence, the animals were bigger to compensate?

that is why they look so similar to the animals of today.

What is more logical? That aliens built the pyramids or taught the people how to build them? Or that simply, the people were taller?