“We” “Us” “Our”

{my answer on quora-“who is ‘we’ in The Qur’an?”}

When The God refers to Himself, “Us, We, Our,” etc. it does not mean “plural, more than He” it is a turn of respect, authority, ruler ship, kings & queens refer to themselves in the same way & so do those, without right, think of themselves on such a higher level then others, refer to themselves this way.

much gets lost in translation & a word in one language can mean one thing, but that same word in another language can mean something else.

this is why there is the misunderstanding that there is more than One God.

Jesus spoke Aramaic, the sister language to Arabic. there is no Aramaic Gospel, so the earliest language translated was in greek, which in there belief, they already believed in a “man god” & “gods”

plus, that which was translated to the greeks, were from people who never met, seen, talked, walked with Jesus, & several years after Jesus’ departure, hence, “the gospel according to.”