was Muhammad tempted like Jesus?

​{my answer to this question on quora}

First, I can’t stress enough how unreliable the 350 versions of the bibles of today are not a source of facts. They are not in the original language of The Prophets/Messengers they came with the pure teachings of The Torah & The Gospel. They have been revised, rewritten, modernized,, etc. & they conflict with each other.

So, no. nor do we know of any Prophet/Messenger to be put to the test by satan. The God says He is The One that gives us test & trails, why? to strengthen us, purify us, help us recognize & remember, etc.

 The Prophets/Messengers knew that all things come from The God, they were the nearest to The God in love & fear & devotion. satan & his dupes feared them. nor were they weak enough in faith to be tempted. satan & his dupes prey on the weak in faith. raising doubts, fears, hopelessness, despair, etc. The God says that they have “no” power other than to whisper to us & we follow. so the closer one draws to The God, following in the footsteps of those whom He has sent, they will gain the knowledge, wisdom, strength, love, fear, hope, trust, faith, devotion, etc. so much so, that they will be able to recognize the tricks of satan & his dupes & not fall for them. because that’s all they are, “tricks” but there are things one has to do, learn yourself, your weaknesses, when one can admit they are weak when it comes to so & so or such & such, one will know that when faced with it, one immediately seeks refuge in The God from satan & from their own weaknesses. For no one can defeat satan nor ones own weaknesses, we need The God to help us in all things, especially against mans #1 enemy, satan & he comes in many forms. one of The Companions of Prophet Muhammad when tested with a thing, said to himself, “O enemy of myself” he recognized a weakness & didn’t blame anyone but himself. Prophet Joseph, which, i suggest to everyone to read about him & what he went thru in The Holy Qur’an, chapter 12. (i will put his story on my blog, here on quora), he stated that he does not take the blame from himself, for the human being is inclined to evil.

The God tells us one of the disputes on The Day of Resurrection, when all will be judged, a person & satan will argue, one saying to the other, “it was you who led me astray” satan will reply, “don’t blame me, all i did was call & you followed, & nothing can save us this day”