what did Jesus say?

[He Jesus said: Verily! I am a slave of The God, He has given me the Scripture & made me a Prophet;”]

[And He has made me blessed where so ever I be, & has enjoined on me prayer, & charity, as long as I live.”]

[And dutiful to my mother, & made me not arrogant, un-blest.”]

[And Salam (peace) be upon me the day I was born, & the day I die, & the day I shall be raised alive!”]

[Such is  Jesus, son of Mary. (it is) a statement of truth, about which they doubt (or dispute).]

[It befits not (The Majesty of) The God that He should beget a son. Glorified (& Exalted be He above all that they associate with Him). When He decrees a thing, He only says to it, Be!” & it is.”]

[(Jesus) said: And verily The God is my Lord & your Lord. So worship Him. That is The Straight Path.”]

[Then the sects differed [i.e. about  Jesus], so woe unto the disbelievers from the meeting of a great Day.  (chapter Maryam 19:30-37)]

[And (remember) when Jesus, son of Mary, said: O Children of Israel! I am The Messenger of The God unto you confirming the Torah before me, & giving glad tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmed. But when he (Ahmed, i.e. Muhammad) came to them with clear proofs, they said: “This is plain magic.”]

[And who does more wrong than the one who invents a lie against The God, while he is being invited to submit (to The God)? And The God guides not the people who are Zalimun (polytheists, wrong-doers & disbelievers) folk. (chapter As-Saff 61:6, 7)”]

[And when  (Jesus) came with clear Proofs, he said: I have come to you with Al-Hikmah (Prophethood), & in order to make clear to you some of the (points) in which you differ, therefore fear The God & obey me,”]

[Verily, The God! He is my Lord & your Lord (God). So worship Him. This is The Straight Path.”  (chapter Az-Zukhruf 43:63, 64)”]

[But the sects from among themselves differed. So woe to those who do wrong from the torment of a painful Day (i.e. The Day of Resurrection)!  (Az-Zukhruf 43:65)]

[Jesus, son of Mary, said: O The God, our Lord! Send us from heaven a table spread (with food) that there may be for us – for the first & the last of us – a festival & a sign from You; & provide us sustenance, for You are the Best of sustainers.”  (chapter Al-Ma’idah 5:114)”]

{& The God will say on The Day of Resurrection}:

[(Remember) when The God will say (on The Day of Resurrection). O  (Jesus), son of Mary! Remember My Favor to you & to your mother when I supported you with Ruh_ul_Qudus (Gabriel, The Holy Spirit) so that you spoke to the people in the cradle (a baby) & in maturity; & when I taught you writing, Al_Hikmah (the power of understanding), the Torah & the Gospel; & when you made out of the clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, by My Permission, & you breathed into it, & it became a bird by My Permission, & you healed those born blind, & the lepers by My Permission, & when you brought forth the dead by My Permission; & when I restrained the Children of Israel from you (from harming him) since you came unto them with clear proofs, & the disbelievers among them said: ‘This is nothing but evident magic.’ ”  (chapter Al-Ma’idah 5:110)”]

[(And (remember) when The God will say (on The Day of Resurrection): O  Jesus, son of Mary! Did you say unto men: ‘Worship me & my mother as two gods besides The God?’ ” He will say: “Glory be to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my inner self though I do not know what is in Yours, truly, You, only You, are The All Knower of all that is hidden & unseen.  (Al-Ma’idah 5:116)”]

{to the believers}:

[(O you who believe! Be you helpers (in The Cause) of The God as said  (Jesus), son of Mary, to Al_Hawariun (the disciples): Who are my helpers (in The Cause) of The God?” Al_Hawarieen (the disciples) said: “We are The God’s helpers.” Then a group of the Children of Israel believed & a group disbelieved. So We (The God) gave power to those who believed against their enemies, & they became the uppermost.  (chapter As-Saff 61:14)”)]

The Holy Qur’an)]