not much. there is the story of Prophet Joseph, who could give interpretations of dreams. & ahadith states that there are only 3 types of dreams, from The God, from satan & from miscellaneous things that happens throughout our days. dreams are very, very hard to interpret & one can be fooled by a dream from satan. dreams are also a comfort to the believers, for their dreams tend to come true in life. i.e. they will dream a dream & it comes true. There is much more about dreams in ahadith then in The Holy Qur’an, but dreams are not to be followed, nor should one do/not do a thing because of a dream, that is boarder line “shirk” i.e. ascribing partners with or instead of The God. The God is in control of things & our actions/non actions should be acted upon because of what The Holy Qur’an & sound ahadith says, that is what should guide us, not dreams.