yes. read it & if you sincerely want to know if it is from The God, He Will open your heart to it. because even the most intelligant person, if not sincere, The God Will not let that person see. He guides whom He wills. and the fact that it has not changed in over 1400yrs since its revelation till today, not one letter, because The God said He put a seal on it. none can produce the like of it. and it mentions things that we are only discovering in this century & with special equipment. there is so much proof that it is from The God. The God sent Prophets/Messengers with miracles that none other than they, with The Help of The God, could perform. The Qur’an itself is that miracle. it mentions things that no one could have known 1400yrs. ago. the stages of the fetus, what the embryo looks like. that the mountains are set deep in the earth like peggs. that there is a barrier none can see between the two seas & neither sea can cross over into the other sea ( that the sun, moon, stars run in an orbit. there is so much proof.