a speck of dust

everything is within His Power & Abilities. it just does not befit Him nor is it necessary for Him to transform Himself into other than what He is to accomplish any thing. just like the pope, he can stand on a corner smoking & drinking with the people in order to reach them, but it does not befit him nor is it necessary, as with a king or queen or president. they can do it, but it does not befit them nor is it necessary. The God is The Highest Authority. His Throne extends over the heavens & the earth & He is maintaining all this & others that we do not see nor know about, all simultaneously, without fatigue. He has no need to become less than what He is to accomplish an objective. and from His Throne to this earth, which is non existing due to the massive distance, & we, forget about it, even from the moon, we are non existing, less than an atom, less, less, less, etc. He does not need to transform into a speck of dust, nor does it befit Him.