Self Esteem – Self Harm

because that’s their opinion & lack of knowledge & understanding. So I would first like to say to those people who say & believe that, that The God, & there is no god but He, Who has no partners, states:

a. {that if someone says to another, The God will not forgive you & you are going to hell, – The God in turn says, who is so & so who says I will not forgive so & so? I have forgiven so & so & do not forgive you. (i.e. the one who said it)}.
so, what’s the lesson? don’t speak of The God that of which you have no knowledge.
And I would like to say to those who hurt themselves, who struggle with self esteem, please, don’t hurt yourself. life is hard & we will be face with much. but the answer is not to harm yourself or anyone else. I am going to speak on things that you may/may not believe to be true, but they are, you have my sincere word on that.
1. we, i.e. mankind have a mutual enemy who has friends & helpers, who will stop at nothing to destroy as many as they can. But mankind has a Friend, Helper, Protector, One they can turn to for any & everything. Who is available 24×7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, every year, Who is never, ever to busy to Listen & Help.
2. first, whether you believe or not, say the following sincerely, it won’t take nothing from your life & time: “I call on The One Who Created me. (If You are there, i.e. for those who are not sure or those who don’t believe at all). Guide me to You. Let me recognize it & set me firm on it.” that’s it. & this way you know exactly Whom you are calling on.
3. second, know & believe this, you are loved, wanted, & one of the best of His Creations. 
4. third, your, our enemy will use anything/one against you, & his strongest weapon, is you. he & his dupes attack from where you can’t see them, though, every once & a while, they come in a physical form. they attack with “whispers.” you think it is your own thoughts, they play on whatever you think & feel. they tap into your heart, mind & feelings. And they succeed, if we let them.
5. so, how to fight them, recognize their tricks & ticktacks? 
a. know yourself, your weaknesses & strengths. Your abilities & inabilities.
b. know, you can not do anything on your own, not even breathe nor wake up in the morning. So, you must seek refuge & protection in The Only One that can help. Who Knows you & your enemies & all things. If you are not sure Who He is, the best & safest way to address Him, is the above mentioned way, i.e. “I call on The One Who Created me.”
c. now, with that supplication comes belief, faith, patience, hope, trust, & full knowledge that He is listening, but does things on His own time.
d. now, how to recognize some ticktacks, if you are hurting yourself or want to, that’s a “red flag.”

if you feel & think yourself worthless, that’s a “red flag.”

if you feel you have no where to turn, no one to talk to, no one that will understand, these are all, “red flags.” 
e. That discussion in your head &/or if it’s verbal, but it’s with yourself, that is not you that you are having a discussion with. 

E1. we are taught that is our subconscious, imagination, etc. But The God in all His Mercy informs us of everything we need. That is our enemy, his & his dupes whispers. 

E2. there is one assigned for all of us, ones that have specific duties & so on & they are experts at what they do, because they have no other jobs except what they are assigned to do. And the most beloved of them to their master, is the one who stays with a couple, egging things on until they divorce.
f. we are informed of them, not to fear them, but to warn us so we will be aware & on guard. And when you sense one of them, immediately seek refuge in The God, for help, protection, patience, strength.
this is a vast topic & I will be posting more info periodically. but you can visit the sites below, download the apps, & ask me whatever you want & I will give the best answer & if I don’t know, I will provide where the answer may be found. Peace & take care of yourself, you are bot alone.

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