A Mercy For All

Because it brings them out of darkness into light.
 it is a purification, meaning it teaches us how to draw near to The God & there is no god but He Who has no partners.
 it shows us how to gain His Love & avoid His Wrath.
it is a complete guidance on how to conduct ourselves, treat others, be patient, forgiving, overlook much, tolerant, how to better ourselves & our families. 
it is a cure for the deseases of the hearts. 
its a mercy because The God could just leave us be, to ruin ourselves, ruin & hurt others, even animals, for they have rights too.
 They are The Actual Words of The God, in tact, that He took the time to convey to Angel Gabriel, The Greatest of The Angels, then Angel Gabriel conveyed it to The Greatest of The Prophets/Messengers, for that is a heavy weight & responsibility to be the example for the rest of mankind till The Day of Resurrection. 
The Holy Quran is so Great that The God said if it were sent down on a mountain, it would crumble for fear & awe. 
It informs us of things we did not know before. like The example of what The God looks like. The enormity of His Throne, which extends over the heavens & the earth. ones mind would bleed trying to grasp that size. 
it gives us the good news that awaits those who hang in their till the very last breathe on belief in Him, the great rewards that He has hidden till The Day of Resurrection. 
OMG!!! it is mountains full of mercy. and one thing the people of the book, i.e. Jews & Christians, fail to grasp is that it & Muhammad are what Jesus spoke of coming after him. that that one will guide them into all truths. it completes what came before it of The Torah, The Gospel, The Psalms, & The Scrolls of Abraham. I wish they could see that as I & many others who studied, believe in & followed the bible.