Definition of God

many don’t understand the definition. 
anything/anyone can be taken as “god” but there is Only One God, there is no god but He, Who has no partners.
 many don’t realize that they have taken some thing/one as “god” this is what’ts called “minor shirk” i.e. ascribing others with The God or instead of Him. 
there are levels of “shirk” minor is the one Prophet Muhammad said to beware of. for shaytan (satan, iblis, devil, etc.) has no hope of making Muslims believe in another as their God, Lord other than The God, but beware of the little things, one of which is “minor shirk” he said it creeps up like a black ant on a black rock in the dead of night, i.e. you don’t see it coming. 
example is, it is obligatory for the Muslim man to make salaat, i.e. 5 daily prayers in The Madjid, i.e. the Muslim house of worship. but let’s say, his wife/kids or someone else or even their own selves tell them you don’t have to go to the Madjid. so if they obey that over Allah (The God), & Muhammad, whom both said they must go, they have then taken what others have said over what is commanded, those, they have become their the god. 
or say with the self, we can take our own selves as god. for we are commanded not to fornicate nor commit adultery, yet, our inner selves convince us otherwise, so, we have taken, as The God states in The Holy Quran, our lusts as god. 
there are circumstances where things can’t be helped, like getting insurance on a vehicle is a form of usury, which is haram, i.e. unlawful & has no blessings in it & the taker of usury is cursed. 
however, the law of the land is a crime not to have insurance. so, not many of us are strong enough & have enough faith in The God to drive without a licence & deal with the penalty of doing so. so, I, just choose not to have a car. but everyone can not do so. so, The God Knows our situations in the various lands we live in. so I suggest begging forgiveness & asking Him to Privide another way. we can’t just be okay with it cause its the law, sometimes man’s laws are a direct or indirect conflict with Quran & Sunnah. so we should fear & respect Allah’s (The God’s) commands enough to at least ask for forgiveness & help with a way out.