because it focuses on what matters for the survival of our souls. for this life is temporary. a distraction, play & amusement.
The Holy Quran, for those who look past this life, helps them with all that they need to make it thru this life. preparing people for the next stage of life, i.e. the grave & then the eternal life. that is what’s more important than anything else.
everything in life takes some prepreation. one does not just jump into the ocean without first learning how to swim.
likewise, we need to know how to prepare for the next stages or it will be a rude awakening for many. but those who studied, put into practise, prepared, it will not shock them when death approaches & they see The Angels of death. they won’t fear death & what’s ahead, & we beg The God, & there is no god but He, Who has no partners, to remove the fear of death from us, let us be pleased to meet Him & He Pleased to meet us.
so, because people prepare, they won’t fear it, because they know that this life is temporary & that they will be moving on. And since none of us knows exactly when that will be, we should begin preparing sooner than later.