God’s Presence

He is Present on His Throne, which extends over the heavens & the earth. He nor His Prophets/Messengers inform us of His moving about, besides we could not comprehend it, our minds would bleed just trying to understand The Greatness of His Throne which “extends over” the heavens & the earh: 

(His Throne – https://youtu.be/-Sz6xEnUVMM)
There is, however, the hadih that says that He Draws near to the lowest heaven at the last 3rd part of the night, saying:
a. (who is calling on Me that I may answer?

who is begging my forgiveness that I may forgive them?) small note: He does this in a manner suited to His Magnificence & Glory. we do not know how He does this. He just does.
Prophet Muhammad says that:
b. (the nearest a servant can get to The God is when he/she is prostrating to Him).
so he said that that is the best time to pray for something, i.e. the last 3rd of the night & the best position to be in, i.e. prostrating, when asking Him for something.