I think because with the belief in aliens comes with no accountability.

Man has tampered so much with The Gods Words that there are 350 versions of the Bible & almost as many belief systems. The Bible’s of today are not The Words of The God nor that of His Prophets/Messengers. They have been rewritten, revised, updated & modernized to fit the many individual sects of belief systems out there. Each claiming what they have is the truth & The Word of The God, yet, they conflict, because they are not His Words, nor those of Moses & Jesus, hence, the titles, “the gospel according to so & so.” But no gospel according to Jesus nor according to The God.

Aliens, don’t have books, belief in them leaves one free to do whatever they want, no rules & no one to answer too. But “rules” & “accountability” are a part of our lives from the time we are born.

Without rules there is chaos. Without traffic lights there will be crashes every minute around the world.

Yet, even with these rules in place, there are always going to be those who feel they don’t have to follow the rules. But if there are no rule makers, whom do those rule breakers answer too?

Everything is governed by laws. The sun doesn’t over power the earth nor does the oceans flow over the entire earth nor spill out into space.

So, unlike “aliens” The God loves & cares for His Creation. People don’t have children & leave them to do whatever they so desire. If they love them, they set rules in place, rewards for listening & some form of punishment for breaking the rules. So if people do this out of love, why is it so hard to believe & accept that The God, Who Created us, does the same?

Even after all mankind has done, in being so ungrateful by disbelief, tampering with His Words, killing His Prophets/Messengers & some of their followers, He, in His Mercy, sent A Guide, A Mercy to all of mankind. But with this Last Revelation, He Sealed it & is Protecting it. None can change not one letter & has not in over 1400yrs.

Is it not better to believe in Him Who Created all that is on earth for the human being, provides for them, better:

59. (Say (O Muhammad): “Praise & thanks be to The God, & peace be on His slaves whom He has chosen (for His Message)! Is The God better, or (all) that you ascribe as partners (to Him)?”) – (like belief in aliens & giving them credit for what The God has done).

60. [Is not He (better) Who created the heavens & the earth, & sends down for you water (rain) from the sky, whereby We (The God) cause to grow wonderful gardens full of beauty & delight? It is not in your ability to cause the growth of their trees. Is there any god with The God? Nay, but they are a people who ascribe equals (to Him)]

61. (Is not He (better) Who has made the earth as a fixed abode, & has placed rivers in its midst, & has placed firm mountains therein, & has set a barrier between the two seas (of salt & sweet water).Is there any god with The God? Nay, but most of them know not.)

62. (Is not He (better) Who responds to the distressed one, when he calls Him, & Who removes the evil, & makes you inheritors of the earth, generations after generations. Is there any god with The God? Little is that you remember!)

63. [Is not He (better) Who guides you in the darkness of the land & the sea, & Who sends the winds as heralds of glad tidings, going before His Mercy (rain)? Is there any god with The God? High Exalted be The God above all that they associate as partners (to Him)!]

64. (Is not He (better) Who originates creation, & shall thereafter repeat it, & Who provides for you from heaven & earth? Is there any god with The God? Say, “Bring forth your proofs, if you are truthful.”)

65. (Say: “None in the heavens & the earth knows the unseen except The God, nor can they perceive when they shall be resurrected.”)

66. (Nay, they have no knowledge of The Hereafter. Nay, they are in doubt about it. Nay, they are blind about it.)

67. [And those who disbelieve say: “When we have become dust, we & our fathers, shall we really be brought forth (again)?]

68. (“Indeed we were promised this, we & our forefathers before, Verily, these are nothing but tales of ancients.”)

69. [Say to them (O Muhammad) “Travel in the land & see how has been the end of the criminals (those who denied The God’s Messengers & disobeyed The God).”]

70. (And grieve you not for them, nor be straitened (in distress) because of what they plot.)

{Prophet Muhammad grieved for the fact that they didn’t believe him, they mocked him & wanted to kill him}

71. (And they (the disbelievers The God) say: “When (will) this promise (be fulfilled), if you are truthful?”)

72. (Say: “Perhaps that which you wish to hasten on, may be close behind you.)

{For The Hour begins with a person’s death for they are on the other side now with no chance of return}

73. (“Verily, your Lord is full of Grace for mankind, yet most of them do not give thanks.”)

74. (And verily, your Lord knows what their breasts conceal & what they reveal.)

75. (And there is nothing hidden in the heaven & the earth, but is in a Clear Book.)

76. (Verily, this Qur’an narrates to the Children of Israel most of that about which they differ.)

77. (And truly, it (this Qur’an) is a guide & a mercy to the believers.)

78. (Verily, your Lord will decide between them (various sects) by His Judgement. And He is The All Mighty, The All Knowing.)

79. (So put your trust in The God; surely, you (O Muhammad) are on manifest truth.)

80. (Verily, you cannot make the dead to hear (i.e. for their hearts are hardened, dead), nor can you make the deaf to hear the call (hear The God’s Words), when they flee, turning their backs.)

{close their ears, walk away, etc. Just don’t want to hear it}

81. [Nor can you lead the blind out of their error, you can only make to hear those who believe in Our (The God’s) Ayat (proofs, signs, revelations, etc.), & who have submitted (themselves to The God).]


(The Holy Quran)