It takes intelligence to build jets, ships, high rise buildings, the Hubble telescope, a camera, a computer, a cell phone, sonogram, a micro chip, etc.
Logically, if one were in the desert & came across any one of the above mentioned highly technical machines, they would not think “poof” & it appeared.
They would not think it evolved from a piece of metal, then developed working parts, then evolved into the precise, highly functional, piece of machinery that is before them.
They would know someone thought of it, calculated precisely, built it & put it there.
Our bodies are precise, all the different parts working together. All males are male, & all females are female, yet, different colors, shapes, sizes, color hair, texture hair, eye color, & all bleed the same color blood.
Yet, no two fingerprints are alike.
What about this planet? It sits in the middle of vast space, its round, yet, we don’t fall off from all sides of the world. Oceans are not flowing over, flooding the earth nor spilling out into space. It is in the middle of space, yet, it has some protective shielding around it, keep breathable air in & not letting harmful space gas in & killing all living beings.
There are species that can only survive in water. Others in & out of water & others die when water touches them. A diversity of beings, some so completely different than others.
So, if it takes intelligence to build a Hubble scope, & a camera, what about the eyes, the living cameras?
If it takes intelligence to build a jet that can stay in the air, what about the stars & planets in orbit?
If it takes intelligence to build a submarine that can stay under water, what about the beings living in the water?
I challenge anyone to take 10 white marbles, all the same size, number them from 1-10, put them in a black, non see thru bag, shake them up & without looking, pull them out in order, 1-10.
If that can’t be done, then how can we intelligently believe that this universe that functions in perfect order began in chaos?
You can not get order from chaos, things have to be put in order.