The God, & there is no god but He, hates images. You will find this in most of the 350 versions of the Bible’s of today. Yet, most have imagery or some form of symbolization that they feel brings them closer to The God.

Yet, it is of the first commands “not” to do. Thou shalt not have graving images, nor bow down to them. The command is broken before one goes inside some churches. There are statues of Mary, Jesus, the 3 wise men & inside, there are more statutes of the same & more of saints. they bow down to them, light a candle & pray in front of them & call on them by name.

Prophet Abraham destroyed the statutes that his people used the same practices.

Prophet Muhammad destroyed every & any idols that were in The Kaba out of love for The God. For He hates this. I the above mentioned practices are “shirk” I.e. ascribing partners with or instead of The God. No Prophet had any symbolization of The God. Not one told the people to do this & who knew best how to worship The God? His Prophets whom He taught how to worship & they taught it to the people.