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I believe God allows all who do good into heaven, so Muslims, atheists and others will be forgiven and let into heaven. Who else shares this belief? by Mo Harris

I understand what you are saying. But we can’t speak for someone else, what they will forgive & allow to happen.

The God does not let good deeds go unrewarded & it is by His Mercy people will enter His Paradise, but He informs us clearly, what He accepts, from what He over looks, from what He forgives & will punish for.

He also makes it very clear what He will “never” forgive, & if a person dies on it, they will go to Hell, His Words not mine. He does not forgive “shirk” I.e. ascribing partners with or instead of Him.

How fare is that? He does everything for us, created all that is on earth for us, provides, protects, guides, loves, etc. us. Created us with His Hands & honored us by having His Angels prostrate to our father Adam.

Yet, though many of us do good, very few thank Him, show that thanks, rarely even think of Him, if at all.

Sin left & right without asking His Forgiveness & repenting to Him. Some give the credit to others for what He Does, I.e. “Oh, thank you Jesus” – “Buddha heard my prayers” – “mother nature provided us with rain” – “father time” – “Santa Claus” – “the Easter Bunny” – “I achieved such & such on my own” – “doctor so & so saved my life” – “mother mary” – “saint so & so.”

I could go on. Though saying & believing these things are taken so lightly, they are in reality the ultimate disrespect, ingratitude, & slap in the face:

a. [So they deny (with ungratefulness) that which We (The God) have bestowed on them! Then enjoy yourselves (your short stay), but you will come to know (with regrets).] (The Holy Quran 16:55)

The God gives life & takes it away. He Provides the rain & with it causes to grow the produce. When sick, He cures. When lost, He Guides. It is He Who has provided the very things man boasts of discovering. He provides the very air we freely breathe & take for granted that it will always be there.

He provides the day & the night. The stars & moon. The materials we use to build.

Yet, some totally & with great confidence disbelieve in Him, & even though a “good” person, we think they deserve His reward of Paradise? No human would accept that. You do all you can for your children. Love them. Protect them. Provide for them. Work hard, sacrifice, go broke so they can have. Get in debt for hospital bills when they are sick & hospitalized. Yet, after all that & more you’ve done for them, they turn around & not only don’t thank you, but don’t show thanks, they don’t visit, call, ask about you, to them, you don’t even exist. And when they are dieing, you go to them, & they still do not acknowledge you, but rather turn to another & thank them for all that you did, but they are thanking & loving someone else for it. Though they were good to everyone else in their life.