Whose to blame?

It’s so sad that we need someone to blame other than ourselves.

The God has been sending guidance since Adam. And Noah was the first messenger to the world.

The God has sent Prophets/Messengers with Books that contained guidance for mankind. But we leave off from that guidance more & more with every generation.

The world is in the condition it’s in due to man’s own doing & not doing.

Did The God make hilter do what he did?

Did The God make white Americans go snatch up people from their own land & enslaved them, rape their women, burn them alive, hang them & take pics of that hanging with everyone standing around with smiles proud of the catch of the day?

Does He command serial killers?

Command paedophiles?



the kkk?

Injustice in courts?




Lies, cheating in business?

Or does He forbid all that & more? He Commands us how to live, judge, take care of the poor, the weak, the innocent, etc. But man doesn’t want The God’s guidance, rules & laws, no, man wants to be free, well, this is the results of freedom as one believes freedom to be. But “real” freedom, is letting go of our arrogance & wills & submitting our wills over to His Will. Then, & only then, will the world be a better place.