Children of God

Because The God teaches in The Holy Quran, that He has no children nor a wife. He begets not nor was He begotten & there is none like unto Him. His Throne extends over the heavens & the earth. We disappear when viewed from a plane. Everything except water, clouds & land disappear when viewed from the moon. Earth can fit 2 or more times into the eye of Jupiter. And the further one goes out into space, earth, the moon, the sun, etc. disappear. His Throne extends over all that & more, for we can’t see the “whole” universe, nor look down from the 7th heaven to see how for a distance away from the earth that is nor do we know how vast this universe is, yet, His Throne, let alone Him, His Throne extends over all that. No, we are not His children, but we are His Creation.

He says that we are His Servants, Slaves, etc. He Created us, He owns us, & we were created to worship Him.

His Creation procreates. Bugs reproduce. Animals reproduce. He does not. All He says to a thing is “Be!” & it is.