My Search For The Truth

Why do we hold on to a belief? I think it is as The God says, that people don’t want to let go of what they found their forefathers doing. Most believe or don’t believe a thing, because that is what they were taught.

(But I suggest to all to take a example from myself):

(i suggest to all that they do the checking for themselves. in my studies, i never just took the word of anyone. i went to each religious set individually & asked many questions.)

(when i saw the conflicting answers to the same passages, i started looking for answers on my own. i had many versions of the bible. even purchased a 16th century king james version. went to the bible society. Read the Torah. The Greek translation. The 13 extra books, the Apocrypha, the gospel according to Barnabas & so on.)

(found out thru studying, cover to cover, that many Prophecies of a certain one that was supposed to come, didn’t. i was told that every last one of those prophecies was of Jesus, but the descriptions didn’t fit Jesus & even Jesus spoke of another that would come after him.)

(the main prophecy that stuck out for me, was in deuteronomy, where The God told Moses that He would raise up from among his brethren, one like him, like Moses. But Jesus is in no way, shape, form nor fashion, like Moses & he is not of their brethren, he is from them. in the hebrew, brethren are the cousins. and i know that the cousins to the children of Israel, the descendants of Sarah, Abraham’s first wife & that the Arabs are the descendants of Hagar, Abraham’s second wife. I.e. cousins. And when compared):

(The differences between Prophets, Muhammad, Jesus & Moses. All of which were prophesied about. So how do you know which prophecy fits which Prophet?)

1) Jesus was born from The Virgin Mary. The God states: (Surely the likeness of Jesus is with The God as the likeness of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him, Be, & he was. (This is) The Truth from your Lord, so be not of the disputers.) (The Holy Qur’an).

Muhammad had 2 parents.
Moses had 2 parents.

2) Jesus was sent to the children of Israel. He came to fulfill the law of Moses. He did not come with a law. Jesus was a Prophet, not a Messenger. Messengers come with a law.
Moses came with a law. This makes him a Prophet & a Messenger.
Muhammad came with a law. That makes him a Prophet & a Messenger.

3) Moses had miracles to prove to the people that he was truly sent from The God.
Jesus had miracles.
Muhammad had miracles.

4) Moses was, for the most part, believed & followed by the majority of his people. He completed his mission
Jesus, was not believed by the majority of his people. He was persecuted. He could not complete his mission, the same with his predecessor, John.

(Muhammad was taught The Holy Qur’an by The Holy Spirit, Angel Gabriel. Whatever The God commanded Angel Gabriel to convey, he did so, & Muhammad repeated, word for word. That is why many verses begin with the word, “say.” Muhammad, was, for the most part, believed & followed by the majority of his people. He completed his mission.)

5) Moses had his brother by his side.
Jesus had The Disciples.
Muhammad had his companions (Sahabahs).

6) Moses travelled.
Jesus did not.
Muhammad went to Medina.

7) Moses married & had children.
Jesus did not marry, therefore, no children.
Muhammad married & had children.

(There is a prophecy of Muhammad’s coming in Deuteronomy, where The God says to Moses: “I will raise up from among your brethren a Prophet like unto you.” (Arabs are the brethren to the children of Israel from the lineage of Ishmael) “I will put My Words in his mouth. That which I speak is that which he will say. He will speak to the people in My Name” Quote unquote, for the most part. There are 350 versions of the bible. The text varies.)

{The chapters, (Surahs) of The Holy Qur’an, begin with, “In The Name of The God. The Beneficent. The Most Merciful.) These are Two of The Names of The God. Hence, he will speak to the people in My Name}

(Muhammad is like Moses, Jesus is not.
Another prophecy is that The Book will be given to The Unlettered One. It will be sealed. None can open it but he.)

(Muhammad could neither read nor write.
The very first verse was read in The Name of your Lord Who Created. In The Arabic, the word, “read,” here, means to recite. When Angel Gabriel first came to Muhammad, he took hold of him firmly & commanded him to read, Muhammad replied that he could not read. This happened a few times, till Muhammad understood it meant for him to recite, repeat what was being said to him.
The Qur’an was revealed to him only & The God has set a seal on it. None can change The Pure text of it. It can be translated, but The Arabic Text cannot be tampered with.
Why The Seal? Because The Books of The God were entrusted to man. And they changed it, revised it, modernized it, etc. over & over again, till The Pure teachings of The Prophets/Messengers exist no more. Just small amounts.)

(So how do you know which are true remnants of The previous Prophets/Messengers? The teachings will not contradict from one to the other among them. All came with The Same message, The God, there is no god but He. So worship Him Only. Make no statutes & images, worshipping them. He is a jealous God, is some texts & The Holy Qur’an confirms that. It states that The God says that He Will not forgive shirk (i.e. setting up partners in worship with Him or instead of Him, but He forgives all else to whom He Pleases.)

(the other prophecy that stuck out, for me, was that Jesus, himself said another will come after him:)

(I have yet much to tell you. Howbeit, you can not bare it now, howbeit, when he, The Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. He shall not speak of his own self. That which he hears is that which he speaks. He shall glorify me.) (John)

(I was told, this is The Holy Spirit, however, Jesus clearly stated that very, truly he tells them the truth, that it is for their good that he goes away. Unless he didn’t go away, The Advocate will not come to them, but if he goes, he will send him to them. [John 16:7] basically, this one won’t come until Jesus’ departure. so it can’t be The Holy Spirit, for he descended upon many before Jesus, even unto his mother, The Virgin Mary.)

(so i went looking for this other, back at the various religious sects. got conflicting answers. remind you, that The God said He is not a God of confusion, yet the explanations were. so, i couldn’t take for granted what anyone was telling me.)

(found that even the 350 different versions of the bibles of today, conflicted. some had one verse/s, whereas others didn’t. And the catholic version, has many more books in it than all the other versions didn’t. Some sects told me Jesus is God, or Jesus is the son of God, or Jesus is the third of three. Even they couldn’t agree on who Jesus is.)

(so when i saw that i couldn’t get a straight answer from the, now, 350 versions of the bible, that had been rewritten, revised, updated, modernized to fit each individual sects belief system, so i felt that the further back in history i go, the clearer & more authentic the bible would be. cause nothing, nor anyone could shake my faith & belief in The God.)

(so that search led me to the 16th century king james version. it had text in it that i did not find in any other version to date. However, it & the greek translation were very similar to the gospel according to barnabas. so i wanted to dig deeper. found that the language Jesus spoke, was Aramaic. searched for an Aramaic version of the new testament. there is none. went & researched a hebrew torah, that answered some things, searched a greek translation, since that is the oldest version closest to Jesus’s life time, which is still, many, many yrs. after Jesus. it, most definitely had text that the other versions did not have & it clarified some things that are in the various versions of today.)

(so, thru research, i found that Aramaic is the sister language to Arabic. great. I’ll just ask an Arab about an Aramaic bible.)

(the store owner on my block, was Arab. he told me he doesn’t know much about the bible, he follows The Qur’an. what’s that i asked. The Muslims Holy Book. i don’t know anything about that, where can i find one. he referred me to a store, i got one, but still didn’t read it & up to then, i strictly followed the bible, old & new, every law possible. so i am very aware of the devils tricks.)

(the store where i got it, the man told me i should speak to the imam, whats that i asked, long story short, i invited the imam & his companion to my home. they started telling me about Islam. of course, i questioned everything they said. i ended it with, look, I’ll read your Qur’an for myself. thanks anyway. not that they confused me, but because it started making sense & i was not gonna let anyone convince me of anything.)

(i read The translation of The Qur’an, cause of course, i didn’t know Arabic @that time. read it that night, from cover to cover, & it answered every question i had & then some. i talked it over with my spouse that morning, for we both followed the bible to the letter. we took our shahada (testifying the belief in The God as One God & that Muhammad is His Messenger), the next day & we have been Muslim for 28yrs. now.)

(i say to others, Muslim & non Muslim, don’t be afraid to question. research for your self. if you sincerely want the truth, seeking it, The God will guide you. one more fact, The Qur’an is The only Book in history to remain in its entirety, not one letter changed, in over 1400yrs. so one can do the math for themselves without the intervention of others.)

(men wrote the versions of the bibles of today, 350 of them. The Quran was revealed verbally to Prophet Muhammad thru Angel Gabriel, it was written down by his companions in his life time.)

(The actual Torah given to Moses & The actual Gospel given to Jesus, exist no more in their pure form. plus, the bibles of today, were written by men, who asked questions, many years after Jesus’s departure, the earliest being 40 yrs. later. These men never saw, met, spoke to, knew Jesus. the books begin, “the gospel according to…so & so” they don’t give their last names, so, Mark, Luke, Matthew, etc. were pen names. Nor were they believers & followers of Jesus, they were historians who wrote about Jesus.)

(so the books in the bibles of today are not from The God, nor Jesus, hence, the titles, “the gospel according to so & so.” they are words of men. And men make mistakes for those books do not read the same even within the same version, let alone comparing it to another version.)

(But The Quran was compiled in The Prophet’s life time, leaving no room for mistakes, guessing, hearsays, etc. nothing according to anyone but The God. And The God set a seal on it, it is The Only Book in history to survive in its entirety over 1400yrs. without 1 letter changed. that in itself, is proof that it is from The God, a miracle in itself.)

(it has not been, updated, revised, modernised, etc. plus, meanings get lost in translation. Jesus spoke Aramaic, is there an Aramaic Gospel? Muhammad spoke Arabic, the sister language to Aramaic, for they are cousins. is The Quran in Arabic? Are Muslims encouraged to learn the Arabic? the answer to both questions is yes. this is part of that preservation.)

(physically, yes, The Holy Quran is a book cause you can touch it, its on paper, in book form. but as for where The Words came from & its Author, that is not man, it is The God Himself.)