1God, 1Adam, 1Eve, 1People, 1Religion


Each “religion” I.e. choice on how to live one’s life, varies from person to person, from group to group, family to family.

Everyone has chosen how they live their lives & share it with others, example: how someone raises their kids, they pass that on to others thru advice, how one handles different situations, I.e. “if it were me…” And so on.

But out of the 1000s of “religions,” whether individually or groups, only one is correct. That is The God’s Religion. He has been sending Books & Prophets over countless generations, teaching the people how He wants them to conduct themselves. We tend to listen to many other people’s advice, rules, laws, daily routines, etc. Every way but The God’s Way. Then wonder why the world is in the condition it’s in.

He informs us first & foremost Whom to believe in & worship, Him & only Him. Then thru His Revelations, He informs us about everything we need to make it through this life & to leave it in good standings with Him.

He, at first, entrusted His Revelations to men, the majority proved ungrateful, disobedient & evil. For not only did they stop following all or part of that which He sent, & that which His Prophets taught. They changed His Words, rewrote, revised, updated & modernized them to fit their on individual whims & desires. Till very little of what He sent remains.

However, He didn’t leave us in the hands of those who feared Him not, by changing His Words & killing His Prophets. He has given us one more chance & it is the last chance, because after this, there are no more Books, no more Prophets, this is it till The Day of Resurrection. This is why He has set a Seal on The Last of His Revelations & Protected The Last of His Prophets.

The Holy Quran was revealed over 1400yrs. ago & not 1 letter has changed nor will it ever. It is The Pure Words of The God, from cover to cover, in its entirety. Not one word in The Quran is that of anyone else. He also Protected Muhammad, none could kill him, though they tried many times. They had already killed John The Baptist, they thought they killed Jesus & bragged about it, but they killed him not, The God put the resemblance of Jesus on another man & that’s whom they killed. But before The God raised Jesus up to Him, alive, Jesus went to his disciples, but they, because they thought they just witnessed his death, they thought he was a spirit. But he tried to convince them, he said touch me, for a spirit has not flesh, give me drink, & so on. But they just couldn’t believe him. For the man that died, resembled Jesus to the letter, so all they knew is that he just died & is now standing before them.

So when he saw he could not convince them, because of their state of mind at that time, thinking they are seeing a ghost, he told them, he had much to tell them, but they couldn’t bare then, he told them of the other to come after him. That that one would guide them into all truth. So if Jesus was the only way, why the need for another? Each Prophet, at the time, each one of them are the only way, for they are The God’s Prophet, teaching what The God Willed. It’s not like, here’s The Prophet Moses, but nope, I’m not gonna listen & follow him. Steve has more knowledge & experience in what The God sent.

But the point is that the only true religion is The Religion of The God, anything else is secondary.