Ramadan, why are bad things still happening?

We all have a shaytan assigned to us. They have been with us from birth. They are our test & trial. They encourage wrong doing.

Now, for some of us, some of that wrong doing they encouraged & we followed, is hard to let go of. The God says whatever good comes from Him & whatever evil comes from ourselves. Even on The Day of Resurrection, some will argue with shaytan, both going back & forth, it’s your fault I am ruined, but in the end, shaytan will win the argument with the response: “I only had power to call & you followed.” Then The God will throw both in Hell.

With them being locked up for Ramadan, it gives us a break from them & their whispers, but for some, if one finds bad things still happening in their life, we should try & take this time to draw nearer to The God & hopefully, it will continue after Ramadan & further keep at bay the shaytan’s whispers.

Ramadan is almost like a new years resolution. A promise to one’s self to draw closer to The God.

May He help us succeed in doing so & to keep drawing near to Him till the day we die. Letting our last words be “The God, there is no god but He & Muhammad is His Messenger.”

And say to The Angels of death: “I welcome you, I choose to be with The God.”

I pray for myself & this ummah & my future brothers & sisters who have not yet become Muslim, but will:

“Oh Allah, forgive us, have mercy on us & make us among those whom You Save. Save us in this world, in our graves & on The Day of Resurrection.

Save us while awake, I.e. going about our daily lives & save us while asleep, I.e. from shaytan & his dupes trickery & horrible things they do to frighten us.

Let us answer sincerely, swiftly & correctly, the questioning in the graves.

Grant us strength, patience & perseverance.

Grant us the best for us as a whole & individually, for our needs differ, but grant us the best in this world & the next.”