Asked to be born

I am sorry that you feel you needed permission to exist. If asked, you would say no?

But instead, why not thank Him that you do exist & make the best of it? This life is temporary. And our individual stay here differs. Years are short, days, hours & minutes even shorter.

If this life seems bad, that is because it is a prison for believers & a paradise for disbelievers. The tests & trials we are faced with on a daily basis, is just that, “tests & trials.”

But too many of us are under the assumption that we can do it all on our own. We are in control of our on lives or even if we feel our lives are out of control. Either way, we have to come to the realization that we are not in control or everyone would have everything go the way they like.

If one’s life is out of control, Only One can fix it. Even if one has been blessed, there’s Only One that should be thanked & praised.

Without The God & there is no god but He, Who has no partners, Who begets not nor was He begotten & there is none like to nto Him, yes, one would not exist.

Our lives are in stages. A sperm drop. A fetus. A baby. Then our lives begin. We live in this world for a time. Then in the grave for a time. Then in The Hereafter for eternity.

We can’t change The Way The God does things. Nor can we question Him. He is our Creator.

We can only make the best of our lives & what we are given in this life, to make our next stages better.

Do as much good as you can. Worship The God, keep Him in remembrance. Help others. Be kind & kind hearted. And never mind the rest of the world, meaning, live your life seeking The God’s Pleasure not everyone else.

Live your life for the next stage of it. Gather up as much good deeds as you can. Even a smile is charity. Someone may just need that in their day.

Valuteer at soup kitchens. At animal shelters. The hospital. Don’t try & gather up all this life has to offer of glitter & gold. For that is exactly where it will stay, in this life. But the good deeds, they benefit you here & you take them with you.

But the best part is that the good deeds manifold. 5 prayers a day, which takes 7mins. each, is equal to 50 prayers a day.

So don’t look at why you were not asked to live, but live with gratitude for the chance to rack up on good deeds so that your eternal home will be one of peace & happiness. Living in mansions made of gold & silver with rivers flowing beneath. Having everything your heart desires & things your heart can never imagine.

Never, ever feeling sad, sick, jealous, hurt, pain, lost of love ones, no need to work to get what you want, just ask & it appears. There is a tree in Paradise so huge, it would take one riding horseback, 100yrs. to cross it’s shadow. And we know how fast horses are. Having all that is worth dealing with the few years in this life.