Explain the Bible verse

I would begin with:

Before I explain the verse, one needs to know that The God & there is no god but He, Who has no partners, sent many Prophets/Messengers, some with Revelations, others as reminders & reinforcement of The Revelations with no new verses. For example,
He sent Moses with The Torah, David with The Psalms, Abraham with Scrolls & Jesus with The Gospel.
However, they no longer exist in the pure form they were revealed. They, over time, have been rewritten, revised, updated & modernized, till now there are 350 versions of the Bible & almost as many belief systems surrounding them.

So, for the most part, The God’s Words & the words & teachings of His Prophets, no longer exist. This is why they are mostly the words of men, hence, the titles, “the gospel according to Matthew, Mark, etc.” There is no gospel according to The God nor according to Jesus. Nor in the language Jesus spoke, Aramaic.

So, the versions conflict & so do the many beliefs that surround them. So, depending on which version you have, the verse you are asking about, may differ & so will it’s meaning & belief surrounding it.

The different sects have different understandings & beliefs about Jesus. So, I can go through them all or just refer you to The God’s last Revelation, which He set a seal on it. It has not & can not be changed, it was revealed over 1400 years ago, 500 years after Jesus, which by then, many changes & beliefs arose surrounding Jesus.

The books of the new testament are written by pen writers who inquired about Jesus, the earliest 40 years after Jesus’s departure. So, it is mostly here say.

But Jesus & the many other Prophets, spoke of the coming of this sealed Book. The reason The God sealed it, is obvious from the above explanation of what happened with The Books entrusted to men.

So, it clarifies much of the confusion & misunderstandings that arose from the changes made by men & to fit what they believe it to mean. The God did not send 350 bibles with almost as many beliefs.

So, I can keep trying to explain man’s words & versions or give you what The God has sent, in its pure form, unchanged.

So after explaining all that, I would then leave it up to the person asking about the bible verse, what they would rather, to continue with whatever version they have or show them the accurate words of The God.