God or satan?

I’ll answer like this, The God & there is no god but He, Who has no partners, is The One Who answers prayers. And since satan runs through mankind like their blood stream, & has been in our lives from the moment we are born, satan knows us & knows exactly what carrot to wave in front of us, & yes, he can hear the supplications we make to The God. But the cancelling out of either one of them, is in our hands. Meaning? One has to know the differences between them. For instance, one prays to The God for wealth, then the oppotunity arises for one to easily rob a bank. Has The God answered their prayer for wealth? The cancelling out is ethier one takes advantage of that opportunity, when they know very well The God has forbidden theft or one seeks refuge in The God from satan & his trickory, & then remain patient, trust in The God & hopeful that The God will present a lawful opportunity to earn money.