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He is able to listen & He Listens to even the deepest secrets that our mind & hearts dear not reveal to others. How? He Created us, so He knows us better than we know ourselves. even parents don’t know their child in that same way.

He begets not nor was He begotten & there is none like unto Him. no eye has seen Him. His Throne extends over the heavens & the earth. the heavens which are seven levels, the nearest to us is what we see above us, He decorated the lower heaven with stars & the sun & the moon. There are galaxies within galaxies & His Throne extends over it all.

The One Intelligent enough to create all this, the universe & all within it, including mankind & is maintaining it all, is surely Intelligent enough to hear, see, know everything within His Kingdom.

He does not need to transform Himself into the very thing He Created, i.e. man, who is less than a speck of dust in size, who disappears from view if one looks down from an airplane high enough, who disappear along with everything else on earth if one looks at earth from the moon, which the earth fits 1000 times into Jupiter, which earth, the moon & Jupiter disappear from view if looked for from deep enough in space, galaxies within galaxies, One Intelligent enough to created it all does not need to come off His Mighty Throne of which is a size immeasurable, to become His Creation, that is less than an atom in size, go through the womb of His Creation, to forgive us or teach us anything, only to fail & have to try again in a second coming.

so, I don’t know what god you believe in, but I believe in The God of Jesus & every Prophet He sent from Noah to Muhammad.

The God Who is The All Knowing, The All Seeing, The All Hearing, The One well acquainted with His Creation.

Whose Throne extends over the heavens & the earth. Who feels no fatigue in guarding & preserving them.

Who dies not.

Who is The First & The Last.

The Ever Living.

Who begets not nor was He begotten & there is none like unto Him.

This is The God that Jesus believes in & worships Him, gladly.

This is The Same God of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Elijah, John the baptist, Jacob, Job, Muhammad, etc.

This is The God Muslims believe in & submit to as did all His Prophets & those that believed with them.