Can I know God personally?

Answer to Can I know God personally? by Hope Williams


We can have a personal relationship with Him.

He took Abraham as a intimate, close friend, so much so, that all the rest of The Prophets are from Abraham’s descendants.

When He befriends someone, and loves them, He makes it known to Angel Gabriel and he announces it to the others that The God loves so and so, so love so and so also. and they love them and they are loved by the people on earth.

When He befriends someone, male or female, young or old, there’s nothing He won’t do for them.

His Mercy and Bounties are without limit.

Example: there was a man who committed 99 murders.

He wanted to repent.

So he went around asking different religious people can he be forgiven? They replied no.

So he killed them. But he still wanted to repent.

So the last person he asked told him that who can keep you from The God’s forgiveness? But the man told him he had to leave that town and search for good people to be around.

And while traveling, he died before he got where he was going.

The Angels of death argued as to which of them takes his soul, The Angel of mercy or of punishment.

One saying the man didn’t repent, the other saying he was on his way.

While arguing, The God sent another Angel to settle it by telling them that if his body is nearer to the town he left, then The Angel of punishment takes him. If his body was nearer to the town he was going to, then The Angel of mercy takes him.

The God moved the earth so that his body was nearer to the town he was headed for and thus The Angel of mercy took him.

Why quote this hadith?

Because if that is what The God would do for a murderer who sincerely wanted to repent, what would He do for one He has befriended?