Quora Q and A: “Good deeds”

There are many versions of the Bible to date. They vary in word, teaching and belief, so you would have to mention which version and which religious sect you are referring to, Mormon, Jehovah witness, Catholic, born again, etc.

But The Last of The God’s Revelations, which we are supposed to go by for it is The Completion of what He sent, it informs us that Heaven and Paradise are separate.

Heaven has seven levels, the nearest, lowest level is what we see above us.

The God, through His Revelations and Prophets, inform us that The different Prophets are on the various levels of heaven, waiting for The Day of Resurrection, there is no mention, to my knowledge, that there are others in heaven.

As for Paradise, there are also, many levels and many gates that one can enter through.

That is part of The Mercy of The God, there is no one way to enter Paradise.

The good that disbelievers do, is only rewarded in this life, that is also part of The Mercy of The God, that though they disbelieve in Him, reject Him, His Revelations and Prophets, He still rewards the good. But they will have no share in the Hereafter.

As for believers, the good done here earns rewards in this life, the grave, and in the Hereafter.

Prophet Muhammad said to not belittle any good deed, a smile, removing something dangerous from the road or walkway, Glorifing The God, Praising The God, Exalting The God, are all acts of charity, so no one can claim they have nothing to give.

One good deed done sincerely, can earn one Paradise.

One good word can earn one Paradise.

It is by The Mercy of The God people will enter Paradise, because we can never do enough that equals the reward of Paradise.

Prophet Muhammad said: (“do deeds, you will find easy those deeds that lead you to your destined place.”) (Bukhari)

A person can go their whole life doing the deeds of the people of the fire, till they are a foot away from entering it, but then what is written for them takes over and they begin to do the deeds of the people of Paradise till they enter Paradise.

And vise versa, one can do the deeds of the people of the Paradise, till they are about a foot away from entering it, but then what is written takes over and they begin to do the deeds of the people of the fire till they enter it.

So none should be proud of the good they do, nor mock others who give what one might feel is not good enough. Nor should one despair because of their weaknesses in deeds that they are doomed.

There is a middle ground, hope, humbleness, sincerity, etc. being the key.

Prophet Muhammad said to do good as much as you can.

And a Hadith that I love to qoute, is that there was a prostitute who got some water from a well to satisfy her thirst and on seeing a dog licking the sand out of thirst, she gave it water, The God forgave her and granted her Paradise.

And there is a story about an Abbot, a very religious man named Barsisa, who kept to him self away from the world and devoted to worship.

(There were brothers who were drafted for war. They had a sister, back then, they were very, very protective of women. So they didn’t want to live her alone. So they were informed to live her with that religious man. He at first, refused. Then, satan whispered to his inner self: “if you don’t take care of her, who will? She may end up with someone with I’ll intensions.” So Barsisa followed the encouragement of satan. But he said: “I will stay in my house and she can stay in a separate addition on his property. He doesn’t even want to see her. Very religious man. He would put her food and sit it outside the door. satan whispers to him: “someone can see her and you know what will happen. You should take the food and leave it outside her door.” So he did that for a while. Then, satan whispered again: “she’s all alone. No one to talk too. Just sit outside the door and talk to her. Or she might leave.” Once again, he followed the encouragement from satan and did that for a while. Then, satan whispered again: “just go spend a little time with her. She’s all alone in there. Just give her some company. He did so and they got closer and closer till he fornicated with her. She got pregnant and delivered a baby. satan whispered: “do you know what you have done?! Her brothers will kill you! You know what you should do? Kill the baby.” And he did. Then, satan whispered: “do you think she will keep silent? You know what you should do? Kill her too.” And he did. And barried them both under a rock. The brothers came, Barsisa told them she got ill and died and she is barried in such and such place. The brothers made prayer for her and left. satan came to each of them in a dream. Saying: “do you believe Barsisa? It’s a lie. He committed fornication with her and killed her and her child. The proof is, she’s not barried where he said, but she is barried such and such place under a rock.” One brother told the others his dream, they said they had the same dream, it must be true. So they uncovered the grave where Barsisa told them and found nothing. Then, they went to the place that was in the dream and found both, their sister and her child. They captured Barsisa and dragged him to the king. When he was about to be executed, satan came in a physical form and said: “Barsisa, do you know who I am? I am satan, the one who caused you all this mess and I am the only one who can save you.” Barsisa said: “please save me!” satan said: “prostrate to me.” He did. satan said: “thank you very much.” And then, left. Soon after, Barsisa was hung. And his last deed was worship, prostration to satan.”

Why do I mention these two things?

To show that we should not be confident in our “righteousness” and never let our guard down.

satan can encourage that which appears to be a good deed, but one should know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses.


One may want children. Not having any of their own, they adopt. Not realizing what it takes to be a parent, how it can completely change your life. Though it is a very, very good deed, that can earn one a high level in Paradise, taking care of an orphan. But not being a very patient person, not doing research on parenting, not preparing for a child, like work schedule, child proofing the house, finding a good babysitter, not financially prepared, etc. That good act can turn very ugly. That child may become like a burden. Interfering with one’s me time. Going out with friends. Child gets sick and one needs to take off from work, causing one to loose their job. One can grow to resent the child, even abuse it.

So unlike Barsisa, who relied on his level of “righteousness” and felling to recognize satan’s whisperings, and even after committing the sin, failed to turn to The God in repentance, he chose to beg satan which is the one sin The God does not forgive if one dies in that state of worshiping another other than Him. One should know themselves and recognize their strengths and weaknesses.

So where the good deed of the “sinner” granted her Paradise, the good deed of the “righteous” caused him the fire.

So we must be on our guard and keep our intention pure. And know ourselves.


)One of the companions of Prophet Muhammad gave every dime he had in charity and The Prophet praised that act by saying that whatever that companion did thereafter will not harm him. Meaning, that one act granted him Forgiveness and Paradise, so no matter what wrong he did, he already had his place in Paradise.)

This doesn’t mean give charity and then do deliberate wrong doing, then give much, then, deliberately do wrong. Giving in charity, though washes away sins, The God judges by intent.

(Then, another companion came and did the same, but Prophet Muhammad told him to keep his property.)


The first companion was a business man who prospers and wealth is not heard for him to earn and he was patient, able to deal without for a while.

Whereas the other man, Prophet Muhammad told him that he would give all his wealth and then come the next day asking for charity. He was not one who can deal without.

So knowing yourself and what is within your capability is important. And The God commands to give in charity after taking care of one’s needs and what remains thereafter, can be use for charity.