The Most Merciful

Answer to Is it wrong to call God ‘Jehovah’? by Hope Williams

He is called upon by many names in the various languages.

He has 99 Names and if translated, sounds different, of course.

But we must call Him by The Names He has Named Himself and He says to call on Him by any of them (Quran 59:22-24)

Jehovah, ie, The Almighty, God, Supreme Being, etc. is Hebrew.

Just as Allah, ie, The God is Arabic.

Al Haqq, The Truth

Ar Rah’man, The Most Merciful. Etc.

When one translates The God’s Names into English, for example, it takes on many definitions.

So it is better to call Him by His rightful Names with the correct meanings in the languages He sent them in, ie, like Hebrew and Aramaic and Arabic.

These languages are those spoken by The Prophets.

There might be other languages, as there were many Prophets sent to many different people, but after Prophet Abraham, The Prophets came through his jeans.

And their languages were the 3 mentioned above.

So using any of those languages to call Him by His Rightful Names is okay.

Though one can call on Him by His Rightful Names if translated into another language, but it doesn’t give the true due exaltedness,, praise, glorification, honor, etc. due to Him and may distort the meanings.

Example: Ar Rah’man, The Most Merciful, has a deep and beautiful meaning. One being the womb.

Now, not understanding the richness of the Arabic language, “the womb” might through one for a loop at first. But when understood, the beauty is wonderful.

When a mother, any mother of any species are in protective mode and would risk life and limb to protect what’s in her womb.

Careful where she walks, eats, sits, wears, even the people she is around, protecting what her baby may hear.

Sounds extreme, but only a pregnant woman can understand it fully.

Even animals, an alligator because so gentle and merciful. Picking up her eggs ever so gently as not to harm them. Placing them ever so gently and walking as not to crush them.

Rabbits nurse, then, stay a distance from the nest on guard.

One sees a pregnant woman protecting her belly.

Keeping from bumbling into things like a chair as she passes by.

The womb is also a protective dwelling.

Nurishing the baby.

Keeping it warm and safe.

The baby feels the direct love of the mother.

It feels safe and secure.

A true bond develops.

That is Ar Rah’man.

His Mercy is all that and more.

Even to those who disbelieve and reject Him, for they get watered by the same water, ie, rain.

They breathe the air He provides.

Eats from the produce He provides.

Enjoys the beauty and smell of the flowers He provides.

And even answers the prayer when they are in distress, for even an atheist finds God when their life is threatened.

So, Ar Rah’man is a deeper meaning than most know and understand.

This is why it is best to say it in the language He sent it in. It holds much more weight and gives Him His proper due.

(full understanding of Ar Rah’man

But He knows our intentions and what He will accept or lookover.