Imperfection, perfect, will, chooses, free, freedom

Not if He designed it that way.

The God creates what He wants, how He wants, and for whatever purpose He wants.

He is The Only Perfection.

There can not be imperfection in The Creator, then all that was created will fail.

Everything He has created worships Him. Meaning, everything and every living being does exactly what it was created for.

The God informed us that He asked all His Creation do they want a will, freedom, etc. all His Creation said, no, we submit to Your Will, except mankind and Jinn.

We are the only ones who wanted a will of our own.

Everything else of His Creating functions just as it was designed. Humans and jinns are the only ones who can choose to believe or not. Choose to worship or not. Choose to obey or not.

Any imperfection that is happening in the world is due to the choices made by humans.

The God made this earth and everything on it for the human being. Everything was perfect, l But it is the human being that is destroying it and want to venture out in space and destroy that as well.

Humans change the nature of things, from the natural growth of food to physical changes of the body.

We were not created to be puppets, we have wills and a sense of right and wrong nor did The God just leave us to ourselves, though that is what we want.

We want freedom from Him, but when things go wrong, due to our own incompetence, then, we cry to Him, “what kind of God would do this?” “Allow that?” “There is no God!!!”

The human condition is because of human choices. The God sent His Help by Words and from among our own selves, ie, Prophets.

Still leaving us with our own wills, but giving us guidance and help.

But most, either, don’t believe, believe some parts and ignore the rest, pretend to believe, etc. very, very few of humanity and jinn truly believe and submit.

If everyone believed of their own free wills, followed His guidance, there would be absolutely nothing wrong in the world.

But we don’t want that, it’s boring, no fun, who wants to be pure anyway?

But if we look at the things The God has forbidden, we would see the logic in why they are to be avoided:

do not steal

Do not lie

do not cheat

do not give false witness

do not fornicate

do not commit adultery

do not kill

do not oppress

do not backbite, slander

do not force women into prostitution or rape

do not drink alcohol

do not judge

do not be prejudice

If we really take a look at the above, they are exactly part of the reasons the world is in the condition it’s in and the human condition.

He is not going to say, “ok. Bob, I know you can handle your liquor, so you don’t have to avoid it, but Tom, you cannot hold your liquor, you do crazy things, verbally assault people, drive while intoxicated, so, drinking is forbidden to you.”

Do you know how large of a Revelation that would be if He called off everyone by name? And how many times it would have to be renewed with each new generation?

Lets look at the damage social media does.

Look at the damage gambling does.

Drinking, drugs, etc.

adultery and cheating is glamorized.

But no, we want freedom. Well, we have it and the human and world conditions are due to that freedom.

Except for the very few who “choose” to believe and submit to The God’s Will, forsaken our own wills.

Meaning, “choosing” to follow the guidance He sent, knowing that we are imperfect, weak, need help concerning all areas of our lives, need protection, strength, provision, etc.

Knowing, believing and accepting that He Knows what we know not.

If He has knowledge to create a universe and everything in it, but we can’t figure out what we want for dinner, believers are very confident they are in capable Hand.