Scientists and science

God, Science

The knowledge The God gives is the proof of Him and His abilities.

no one can create a planet.

no one can create another human being.

no one can bring about the destruction of the universe.

There is nothing that exists that any human can create.

not even a fly.

So, with all the knowledge scientists have, it comes from The God. Further proof of Him.

people are allowed to discover. But they will never go beyond other than what The God will allow.

they guess and have theories, but theory is no substitute for facts.

And the fact is nothing came about by the hands of mankind.

Not this universe.








Mankind had no part in any of the above coming into existence.

So, no matter what any human says, none, not one can deny the facts, we didn’t bring this nor ourselves into existence.

Nor can any duplicate a planet, we can’t figure out the human brain, let alone create one.

And cloning doesn’t count, because they are using what The God has already created.

Let scientists make exactly like or a better human, without using any parts of any human already here. Bring into existence a human equal or better.

Let them produce a planet from nothing.

And The God gives them an easier challenge, in The Quran, create a fly.

Knowledge is given to make us think, ponder, reflect, understand, reason.

This universe didn’t created itself.

If it takes intelligence to make the Hubble scope, can we realistically believe that that which the Hubble scope captures didn’t come about by intelligence?

The camera took intelligence to make, but not the eyes cameras are based on?

Intelligence to make a plane, but not the birds?

Intelligence to make robotics, but not the human?

How can a doctor study the human body and the way it is put together and not believe?

How can anyone study anything in existence that we had no part in and not believe?

We cannot produce anything without using elements of what already exists.

And we CANNOT produce a planet no matter how much Star Trek wants to think we can. The “Genesis Project” in Star Trek will never happen.

We can never produce a planet nor the various life that exists on earth.

How can people have knowledge and still be blind to truth and facts?

Science wants to disprove The God. It will never happen.

Out of all the belief systems, theories and study over the centuries, one remains consistent, The God. In every century, there will always be the belief in Him.


Because He does exist, He created it all and no matter how hard people try to evict Him, they will never succeed.

And one other fact remains, we all find out the truth the moment we die.

And we can’t even stop that, no matter how hard science tries to prolong or prevent it, death comes to us all.

So let’s see science stop death.

And there is even wisdom and intelligence to death, for if no one died, what would earth be like?

Could it even house the 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and more people from the past till the present?

Not even including future generations or the hundreds of other life on earth?

None of them ever to die.

How would life be on what appears, now, to be a very big planet, but how small would it be if nothing died?