absolutely nothing.

He didn’t say that.

the changes made over the years to the original Revelations sent with Moses, Jesus and other Prophets before Muhammad, resulting in having 350 versions of the bible to date, is surrounded by the misconception that The God is like us and came in our form.

so, human attributes were associated with The God.

verses like that gives the impression of weaknesses on The God’s part.

but how can He create a whole universe and everything within it, yet, mess up so much where humans are concerned?

He asks us in The Quran were we more difficult to make or the heavens? ie. the universe.

He created earth, yet, incompetent creating humans?

so much so, that He has regrets, and no way to correct those mistakes?

so incompetent that He had to leave His Throne, by the way, extends over the heavens and the earth, change His physical appearance, be born from His own creation, try to get His own creation to believe in Him by deception, “i am god” no “i am the son of myself” no “i divided myself to exist in many of my own creations, cows, the moon, the sun, etc.”

“I tried my best to make humans believe only to fail, get tortured, then murdered, come back 3 days later, in yet another form, a spirit, only to further confuse my servants by trying to convince them that i am not a spirit, only to still fail in convincing them. tell them, basically, since i failed, i’ll send another and he will guide you into truth where i failed. but i am going to still give it a try and come back a second time.”

“i got the universe right, got earth right, created many, many other life forms and got that right, but i just cannot seem to get a grip on humans.” “i regret ever creating them, “i am to incompetent to just wipe them out and start again. so i am stuck with this mistake.”