Seeking advice on a touchy subject-comments welcomed.

#A client of mine came across a post on twitter, i won’t post the source because I don’t want to give negative people a voice.

This client struggles concerning themself, who they are or who they should be.

They asked me about this Twitter post and my opinion, I was not sure how to respond, I asked them to let me think on it a little more.

I am seeking other’s opinions, please feel free to comment.

The post asked:

“What if everyone in the world became gay, lesbian and got the sex change, would that be the end of the human race?”

“No one would get pregnant.”

“What if the first two humans were men? Would the human race begin and end with those two?”

“Or what if the first two humans were woman? Would the human race begin and end with those two?”

“And since there’s none to get pregnant to populate the earth, there would be no scientists to come up with test tube babies nor sex changes and even if those two men or two women could develop sex changes, they still could not reproduce”

When my client showed me this, they asked me if being LGT is correct and okay and everyone became LGT, how would we produce a new generation?

I am seeking answers, comments, opinions, because I have a few clients from the LGT community. Thank you, Sincerely, Mrs. Williams, director/counselor of non profit social work.

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